Arsenal Changes (25/09/18)

2018-09-25 08:24:24


You can never have too many guns! This is the mantra of our daily update to the game store. You can expect the colorful Anubis series, hot Earth Shaker weapons and other new additions!

Anubis Weapon Series

A good weapon should not only impress you with its stats and reliability, but also with its appearance. The Anubis series handles all points with excellence! The first part of this colorful series has returned to the game store: the PP2000, MSBS Radon, Sidewinder Venom, Orsis T-5000 and COLT Python Elite.

For destroying 15,000 enemies with these colorful guns, you'll get unusual stripes that will decorate your crest and become a true reason for pride!

Earth Shaker Weapon Series

Guns of this series not only have excellent combat stats, but also glow in the dark. You won't just emerge the victor from any shootout, you'll also find the way home in the pitch darkness.

You can already buy the Type 97 assault rifle, the SIX12 shotgun, the ACR CQB machine pistol, the KA-BAR Kukri Machete and the Glock 18C from the Earth Shaker weapon series in the store.  Eliminate 15,000 enemies using the guns from this series, and you'll get special stripes.

Other New Additions

Even more guns! The game store now has another eight guns that you can buy either permanently for credits or temporarily for warbucks.

Cobray Striker
SIG 552
Daewoo K7
Barrett M107
Left the game store
Nanosuits, FN P90, JS 9mm, SIG 551, MG3, SPAS-15, Jackhammer, CheyTac M200, Anubis PP-19 Bizon, Anubis AK-103, Anubis VEPR, Anubis Alpine, Anubis Walther P99, Earth Shaker ACR, Earth Shaker Mossberg 500 Custom, Earth Shaker SCAR-L PDW and Earth Shaker McMillan CS5.

Don't miss this great chance to add to your weapon collection!

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