Refer-a-Friend program

2018-09-21 10:25:37


There's nothing better than a co-op run with a friend, except... is there? How about that with awesome rewards on top?! The newly-introduced Refer-a-Friend program can provide you with a Mega VIP-Booster and a unique stripe: "Mastermind".

How does it work?

It's simple: if you've got an account in Warface, you can invite a friend using a special link. You can send the link directly or via a social login of your choosing.

Important! You can only send the invite to friends that haven't played Warface before and do not have an in-game account. You can send the link to several friends at once, but only the first friend to accept will be eligible in the program.

Once your friend creates a character in the game, both of you will receive your first reward: Mega VIP-Booster for 3 days! In order to get the second reward, you'll have to play at least 3 PvP matches together. As soon as you complete this milestone, both of you will receive the unique stripe: "Mastermind".

Important! The rewards can be claimed only once.

Win together!

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