Game Shop Update: December 25

2019-12-25 05:51:31


Christmas celebrations go on — new weapons are coming! Today's shop update features "Atlas" and "Absolute" weapon series, "Godfather", "Light Cycle"and "Santa Hog" series, various permanent guns for all classes with up to 60% off. DP-27 has recently premiered in the game store. Today you will have a unique opportunity to get your hands on its golden version!

Regular arms are up for grabs as well. They will definitely warm you up on a winter evening!

Calico M951S
Calico M951S
Mossberg 500 Custom
Mossberg 500 Custom

The available golden guns will bring you new glorious victories:

Золотой ДП-27
Golden DP-27
Золотой Enfield L85A2 Custom
Golden Enfield L85A2 Custom
Золотой Desert Tech MDR‐C
Golden Desert Tech MDR‐C
Золотой MAG‐7
Golden MAG‐7
Золотая Remington MSR
Golden Remington MSR

"Godfather" Series

The weapon specs will pleasantly surprise you: they are slightly increased in comparison with the regular models and are on par with golden versions. Use the “Godfather” weapon series - and may your revenge be fulfilled ...

Winchester 1887
Winchester 1887
Marlin 1894 Custom
Marlin 1894 Custom
Thompson M1928
Thompson M1928
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle

"Santa-Hog" Series

"Light Cycle" skins

These weapons gleam faintly with various colours and glow softly in the dark. The guns will certainly draw your comrades’ attention!

Other novelties

"Atlas" weapons

  • M249 Para
  • MAG-7
  • Magpul FMG-9
  • Tactical Axe
  • M1911A1
  • SVU-AS

"Absolute" weapons

  • Beretta ARX160
  • DP-12
  • Glock 18C
  • H&K UMP
  • M14 Crazy Horse
  • Black Hawk Axe

The series models have the same specs as their regular versions.

Gear up for new combats!

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