Answers for Frequently Asked Questions!

2020-01-20 17:18:53

You keep asking us many questions about our development plans, game mechanics, balance, netcode and other things. In order to make our answers visible to everyone, not just to those who asked us the questions, we decided to create a regular FAQ to keep you updated on these things.
Let's get started!


Q: Can we get Dev ROADMAP for 2020?
A: We're working on the roadmap with the Development team. Once we make it, we’ll post it for all projects (PC, PS4 and Xbox versions).

Q: Any plans for Global server? So RU, EU & NA players can play together.
A: It would be awesome. Something we're all striving for here, yet quite hard from the technical side. Not sure it will come soon, to be honest.

Q: On DevLounge Michael Khaimzon talked about giving us an option preventing us from joining another server regardless of the search time, when will that be implemented ?
A: Server option window is currently planned on Q1 2020. Should anything change, we’ll update you on that.

Q: Any updates on : Cross-Platform gaming, New User Interface, Reworked Clan System
A: Speaking of Crossplay, unfortunately, we had to reconsider its priority, as it turned out to be more complex technically than we first estimated. Thus, it has been postponed. As for new UI and Reworked Clan System, these have already been included into the Roadmap of 2020, which we’ll share soon.

Q: Could you please nerf the MPX on console. Like add a delay between each burst.
A: We keep seeing complaints about MPX - thank you for your feedback! Currently we are analyzing the data regarding its TTK (time to kill) and successful kill rate as opposed to other weapons. Should we see that MPX really does stand out, we'll rebalance its mechanics.

Q: Prehaps its time to reduce the effect of aim assist in pvp, because it make certain weapons broken (mpx Enfield dp12 and every sniper with quick zoom) and attachments (ultra rare smg mca scope advance reflex sight) prone to abuse of mechanics. Also will something be done about pve riot shields killing you in 2 hits.
A: Our Aim assistance system is pretty much typical for a console game. There have been several cases of abnormal behaviour highlighted in your reports, which we have checked and forwarded for further fixing. However, we're not going to turn this system off or tweak it fundamentally in the nearest future.


Let's stop here for today!  Ask your questions on our social platforms and we'll do our best to answer it! 

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