Game store update: 28 of February

2020-02-28 11:10:07


The game shop has been topped up with regular guns for all the classes as well as Rime and Idol weapon series boxes. If enemy destruction has already become routine, this weaponry will certainly spice it up!

Today's shop update features:

 ПКП «Печенег»
PKP «Pecheneg»
Uzkon UNG-12
Uzkon UNG-12
CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1
CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1
Steyr Scout
Steyr Scout

If you feel like trying your luck, there are the following Random Boxes at your disposal:

"Great Gatsby" series

  • "Great Gatsby" Winchester 1887 Random Box
  • "Great Gatsby" SIG MPX SBR Custom Random Box
  • "Great Gatsby"HArms CQR Random Box
  • "Great Gatsby"Remington MSR Random Box
  • "Great Gatsby"S&W M&P R8 Random Box
  • "Great Gatsby" Katana Random Box

"Rime" series

  • "Rime" SAI GRY AR-15 Random Box
  • "Rime" MPA 930DMG Random Box
  • "Rime" Gepard GM6 Random Box
  • "Rime" SAP6 Random Box
  • "Rime" Uzi Pro Random Box
  • "Rime" M48 Bowie Knife Random Box

It's adventure time!

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