Welcome to Warface: Breakout!

2020-05-26 14:24:41

Dear players!


We are glad to welcome you to the new cooperative tactical game Warface: Breakout that has just been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in online stores. This is a separate buy-to-play title developed by Allods Team that forms part of the franchise. Warface: Breakout is a classic competitive FPS optimized for gamepads. Get ready for some intense gunplay! 


Set in a world of tomorrow, Breakout puts you in the middle of the conflict between two elite mercenary units – Wardens and Reapers.



Warface: Breakout offers a classic game mode well familiar to all the fans of "Plant the Bomb", where two rival teams have to either plant or defuse a bomb. You will earn credits by defeating opponents and completing objectives. Spend those on new powerful weapons and tactical equipment at the beginning of each round. While the rules are simple, every match will present a unique gameplay experience depending on the tactics you utilize.


You can learn more about Warface: Breakout on the official website of the game and in social networks.

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