Black Friday kicks off now

2018-11-22 09:00:05


Guess what that soldier's after! But of course, the DOUBLE discounts in the game shop right now! Join him and make the most of this opportunity to resupply your armory with some top guns — it's practically a steal!

Currency discount

Still trying to choose between this impressive shotty and that killer rifle? Oh, would you look at that compact SMG on that shelf... Think no more! Grab it all and at once with the 20% PlayStation Store discounts on premium currency packs!

Premium currency packs — now 20% off!


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Weapon discount

Now that your account is topped off, let's look at the worthy picks: browse eight superb guns for a good price. Hurry up, the discount's going to expire on November the 27th during the server maintenance.

10% OFF

Golden ACR

Golden Tavor CTAR-21

Golden Fabarm XLR5 Prestige

Golden M14 Crazy Horse

15% OFF



Fostech Origin-12


Keep them coming!

Looking to build up your armory? Take a look at the MK 14 EBR, ACR CQB, RPD Custom and for the main course, we have the double-barrelled DP-12 with 660 points of damage delivered steadily EVERY shot! Given the deadly power of buckshot from not one but two barrels fired at once, your enemy will have to make a tough choice: die right away or try to resist and die anyway.



RPD Custom


See you in the game!

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