Atlas seies in already in store!

2019-03-05 07:37:50


A new weapon series has hit the store today: all weapons have a stylish red colour, and the skull on the barrel means one thing: you don't mess with the owner! Don't forget about the achievements you can get for eliminating your enemies with these guns. And yes, you can get them permanently both for Kredits and Crowns.

"Atlas" series is now in shop!

Full list of weapons and achievements


M249 Para "Atlas"

MSBS Radon "Atlas"


MAG-7 "Atlas"

Derya MK-10 VR 102 "Atlas"


Magpul FMG-9 "Atlas"

PM-84 Glauberyt "Atlas"


Dragunov SVU-AS "Atlas"

M40A5 "Atlas"

All classes

M1911A1 "Atlas"

Tactical axe "Atlas"

You can also find the skins of the same style in game shop. Don't forget that you'll need an original weapon to place the skin on it.

See you in game!

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