Fan Art contest on Discord

2020-11-16 12:33:57


We are back with a new fan art contest on Discord! Create an original piece of art inspired by Warface, post it in the #contest channel on our official Discord server and get a chance to win a permanent shop weapon of your choice. The competition ends at 00:00 GMT on the 7th of December.


  • Each entry should be an original creation of the participant.
  • Each participant can submit up to 3 entries. Please submit them to this channel 
  • Your entry should not violate any community rules, should not be offensive or contain obscene language.
  • By taking part in the contest the participants automatically agree that their art may be used on the official social media of Warface.
  • By taking part in the contest the participants automatically agree to the notion that “a shop weapon of your choice” means a permanent weapon that has been released in the shop on the respective platform at least once.
  • In order to receive the prize your post should include your in-game name, the platform you play on and the desired shop weapon.

Best of luck!

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