Increased reward rates

2018-10-26 17:37:21


Our Facebook community has recently grown to 315 000 Likes, but it didn't stop there reaching the milestone of 320 000 Likes just the other day! We thank everyone for contributing and helping us reach this goal together, and as promised, we'll be increasing the reward rates this weekend!

Earn 50% more Warface Dollars, XP and Arsenal Points in all matches until October 29 09:00 GMT!

How to get even more rewards?

It's simple: make the most of various available boosters!

VIP Booster for players with an active PS Plus subscription
  • XP Booster: 100%
  • VP Booster: 50%
  • Game Money Booster: 75%
VIP Booster
  • XP Booster: 100%
  • VP Booster: 50%
  • Game Money Booster: 75%
VP Booster
  • VP Booster: 15%
Mega VIP Booster
  • XP Booster: 180%
  • VP Booster: 130%
  • Game Money Booster: 165%

Combine the bonuses granted by boosters and stack them to the max: +295% to XP, +195% to VP, and +255% to Warface Dollars earned in matches. Keep in mind that the 50% weekend boost applies on top of these maxed out values. Just think of how much you can get this weekend!

New goal!

And we are definitely not stopping there! Our next goal is set at 325 000 Likes. As soon as we reach that milestone again, you will be able to enjoy the increased rates. Join up now and invite your friends, it's better when you have someone to share the fun with!

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