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2018-08-15 13:55:25


We thank everyone who actively participated in the closed beta test and left constructive comments. We carefully read all your comments on social networks and on our support portal. It’s thanks to your feedback that we find out how to make the game even better and which direction to go. Today we want to share our plans to implement a few ideas that you suggested to us. So let’s get started!

Already done

We’ve already added additional settings to the game that allow players to change the controls for their individual preferences. They include such options as:

  • axis sensitivity settings
  • configuring sensitivity depending on the sight modifier (for example, you can set sniping sensitivity separately)
  • acceleration settings and the option to switch them off

In development

We’re working on a quick command menu for swapping reactions and phrases between players, for example “Move out!”, “Cover me”, “No way” and so on. This functionality is already at the final stage and will soon be added to the game.

Work continues on optimizing the game and improving its performance, in particular with regard to the issue of ‘chokepoints’ on maps.

We’d love to see new reviews and suggestions on our social networks. Now it’s time to get yourself an Early Access Pack and head into battle!

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