Storm into ranking matches 2.0 and get awesome rewards!

2018-11-21 11:23:32


If you haven't participated in ranking game season before, then now's the time! Honor, glory, and valuable rewards are at stake, including in-game currency, special achievements, and rare weapon skins that will show everyone they're in the presence of a true professional!

Fast Facts

Ranking matches are a competitive mode available to all players starting at rank 11. The matches take place on random maps in Plant the Bomb and Blitz PvP modes between two teams of 5 people each. You can squad up with friends or head into battle with random teammates chosen by the player search system based on your level and progress.

The ranking match system consists of 21 leagues. The closer you are to the first league, the better the reward you'll get! All rewards can be split into two categories: current, for reaching each league, and seasonal, which are given out at the end of a season based on your success.

Don't waste any time: the current season of ranking matches ends 17.12.18!

Current Rewards

For advancing through leagues, you will get in-game currency and boosters. You can only get them once, when you reach a new league. If you go down to a lower league and then later regain your position, you will not receive the reward for that league again.

Basic Rewards
League Warface Dollars Crowns
21 – 15  750  75
14 – 10  1 125  113
9 – 5  1 500  150
4 – 2  2 250  225
1  7 500  750
Total  32 625  3 260
Additional Rewards
21 – 14  15% XP booster for 1 day
13 – 7  15% game money booster for 2 days
6 – 1  15% Arsenal Unlock Boost for 3 days

Seasonal Rewards: Achievements

At the end of a season, you'll get unique stripes, marks, and dog tags, depending on your success during the past season. If staying in your most recent league is enough to get some of these, then to get the others you'll have to work your hardest and give it your all!

League Achievements

Can you assemble the full set?

Seasonal Rewards: Weapon Skins

Of course, you couldn't go without colorful weapon skins! You can look forward to these patterns: Amethyst, Jade Dragon, Urban, Wilderness, and Jungle.

Amethyst. You can get this skin only in fall ranking matches. As soon as the first winter season starts, the rewards will change! This rare reward will only be given to the most experienced soldiers who end up in the first league when the season is over.

Jade Dragon. You can get this skin if you finish in the third league or higher at the end of the season.

Urban, Wilderness, Jungle. You can get one of these skins if you finish the season in the fifth league or higher.

Please note that one skin is given as a reward randomly.

See you in the ranking matches!

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